Local Nursery School Searches for original members

by Lisa Webber

Mississauga, Ontario - Local school Clarkson Co-operative Nursery School (CCNS) is on the look out for parents who were members decades ago and who would join the school in celebrating its 50th jubilee as part of the Mississauga community.  Founded by parents from the Clarkson Lorne Park community, CCNS will be celebrating its 50th year with an open house and dinner.

"We are very proud to have been part of the Clarkson Lorne Park community for 50 years now", says CCNS president and parent Wendy Chamie.  "Parents from this community have been proactively involved in their children's school and education for 50 years, we'd like to find some of those parents from the 60's, 70's and 80's to reminisce and celebrate how CCNS made a positive impact on their lives in the community." 

The date for the jubilee is set for October 26, 2013.  There will be an open house, cocktails and dinner at the school's location – Christ Church United on Mazo Crescent.   The school expects some local dignitaries to also be in attendance.

Clarkson Co-operative Nursery School has been offering enriched pre-school programs for children 31 months through 6 years of age for 50 years.  With small class sizes and experienced RECE teachers, CCNS  believes that a little parent participation goes a long way in supporting their efforts to stimulate and foster discovery in children's early education. 

CCNS is asking any alumni members to like our Jubilee Facebook page (facebook.com/ccnsjubilee) to keep up to date with event details and to find old friends from their children's formative years.  Or go directly to the event site to buy tickets at ccns50.com. 

To learn more about the CCNS Jubilee, please email the co-chairs Don Cudmore and Wendy Chamie at  ccns50@gmail.com, visit us on the web at  http://www.ccns50.com or on Facebook (http://facebook.com/ccnsjubilee).


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